The IQ Booster picture 001

The IQ Booster picture 001
You are smarter than you think! A GREAT PRICE FOR AN AMAZING AND GREAT BOOK! Awaken the genius in you and enhance your IQ to maximize your brain’s potential by accessing and understanding your subconscious. The IQ BOOSTER ,the step-by-step guide to achieving goals, ultimate freedom and happiness brought to you by specialist in psychology and entrepreneurship. TARGETING THE FOLLOWING AREAS: SUCCESS IN STUDYING AND EDUCATION SUCCESS IN BUSINESS,CAREER GOAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUCCESS IN FITNESS,SPORT & ATHLETICISM SUCCESS IN FIANCES AND WEALTH CREATION SUCCESS IN REACHING HIGH SPIRITUALITY LEVELS AND HIGH LEAVELS OF HEALTH SUCCESS IN GAINING SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE *FOR A LIMITED TIME THIS BOOK IS OFFERED WITH ANOTHER FREE E-BOOK: COVERING SUCCEESS IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS * ALL READERS ALSO BENEFIT OF ENROLLING IN A FREE CONTEST GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF THE 5 GREAT PRIZES ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP FOR 2 TO: HAWAII,FIJI,BAHAMAS,BORA BORA OR COSTA RICA The IQ BOOSTER, a guide with unlimited resource for goal achievement, life success and happiness! Helps you grasp and understand your subconscious, the most important part of your brain. The science of attracting the life you deserve by using principle of : Positivity, Wise thinking Skill building, Efficient decision making and actions. We have gathered different exercises, case studies, concepts, tools and ideas to target different areas of your life through different processes of your brain. You will also find motivational quotes from famous and successful people that will help keep you motivated, positive and moving forward. For all those that want and explicit, raw, hassle free, in details, step-by-step straight forward and down to earth explanation of the law of attraction with examples, case studies and testimonials. Reveal the best of you and discover the power of your mind and your soul. It’s time to use your best asset, your brain! Understand it, train it and leverage it! What this guide will do for you •Reach the ultimate capacity of your memory, focus, performance, attention, reaction time ,problem solving skills and creativity. •Build a better brain: using self-hypnosis and other self-empowerment tools, tips and strategies to boost your skills •Understand your subconscious and use it to your advantage •Understand and apply the law of attraction •Understand and apply the power of visualization •Understand the concept of the placebo effect and apply it to any given situation •Unleash the best of your intellectual self and succeed in life! •Use meditation to feel better and be in touch with your soul •Learn to design goals, achieve them and be HAPPY! Discover you higher self, your limitless self today! Success is the result of endless hard work, faith, belief, devotion, dedication, persistence, god ,POSITIVITY ,MOTIVATION and PASSION! Tyra Bank and Naomi Campbell where the first black woman to have strongly changed the face of the fashion industry Obama is the first USA ethnical President Sarah Jessica Parker worked hard until her 30s to break in the industry and become an amazing icon Ryan Reynolds arrived in LA with 600 and a bicycle and was a waiter Yu-Na Kim was the first Korean to win the Olympics and earn so many honour and gold medals The list goes on You will succeed if you are positive You will succeed if you persist and know what you want You will succeed if you focus You will succeed if you are ambitious and driven You will succeed if you believe in yourself and in what you have the possibility to achieve You will succeed if you apply all the concept presented in this book as many before you already have and many after you will too! The IQ BOOSTER finally created!


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