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Title: How to Transform your Memory & Brain Power

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Discover How You Can Develop a Really Powerful Memory and Dramatically Enhance Your Brain Power and Learning Capacity.

A guide for the development of your true intellectual potential and the skills you need for personal success. .

This comprehensive self-study course will give you powerful memory and brain skills so that you can achieve success with exams, in your academic work and in your career or business. You can prove it for yourself. Even after reading just the first chapter you will be able to memorise faster and better.

Memory Improvement, Brain Enhancement, Accelerated Learning and Studying Efficiency.

Do you have difficulty memorising and learning speedily?

Would you like a really powerful memory?

Would you like to be able to memorize and recall text-books and technical or business details easily, and to remember names and faces faultlessly?

Do you need to be able to study really quickly and effectively with full concentration?

Memory and Fast Learning Expert Peter Oakfield tells you how.

This book written by memory and fast learning expert Peter Oakfield shows you with clear instructions how to develop of all the above and many other valuable brain skills. Also covered is the subject of speed reading.

Follow the methods taught and you will achieve much more efficient and faster learning and memorizing whatever subject you want to study. You will also enjoy a serious mental advantage, as well as personal and social advantages, helping you to achieve so much more in life.

You will learn how to improve your brain power, how to study, how to memorize, how to improve your concentration, how to develop effective learning skills and studying skills; and how to speed read so as to achieve accelerated learning of any subject.

Guided by this book you will discover that you really can develop abilities of far greater power than you have ever realized and that you can learn quickly and efficiently whatever subject you have to master.

Learn How You Can Become a 100% Brain User instead of a 10%

Untrained people often fail in their attempts to memorize and learn swiftly simply because they do not know how to use their brain and in particular their memory correctly; and consequently they use 10% and not 100% of their potential.

But with training anyone can develop the right methods: and it is evident that all of us have an inborn capacity and can substantially improve brain and memory powers. Also the training of the brain and memory produces very swiftly a staggering increase in ability within a very short time.

The situation may be compared with learning to swim. Those who do not know the correct strokes, thrash around in the water unhappily, not going very far. On the other hand the trained swimmer will glide through the water, at times seeming hardly to put in any effort at all. What matters with mental skills as with swimming is to know how to do it correctly and then to have the necessary practice and experience in using the techniques so that they become second nature.

These are some of the many abilities that you will develop with this essential guide: –

* How to increase your memory.
* How to memorize lengthy lists of items.
* How to use memory files and the Long Memory System.
* How to memorize books and technical materials.
* Fast learning and studying techniques.
* How to memorize shuffled packs of playing cards, long numbers, telephone numbers.
* How to memorize texts word for word.
* How to develop powerful concentration for learning.
* How to memorize people faces and names.
* How to memorize foreign language vocabulary.
* How to perform memory magic: clever illusions, cards tricks, “telepathy” etc. all based on memory techniques.
* How to speed-read and learn quickly.
And much more.

Realize your true potential. Click and buy now.

How to Transform your Memory & Brain Power

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Review: Do not miss this book!
I don’t normally buy self-help manuals but this book was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a try. You feel like you are being let into the secrets of how to have a great memory. Oakfield furnishes you with some simple techniques and methods which you can use to help recall vast amounts of facts. It has seriously helped me remember important things in everyday life but it would be invaluable for anyone studying for exams.

This book is a must buy for anyone. It is like taking your brain to the mechanic, when you have read it and put his simple advice into practice, your memory will be so much more effective and reliable.

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