Raising Your Emotional Intelligence A Practical Guide picture 01

Raising Your Emotional Intelligence A Practical Guide picture 01

Employing exercises, self-tests, case studies, and step-by-step instructions, Segal shows readers how to listen to their intuition and their body’s messages, make those signals part of their decision-making process, and thus realize the full benefit of their emotional resources.

It’s not just psychologists who believe that emotional savvy determines personal success far more than an IQ test. Even corporations are hiring consultants to boost employees’ Emotional Quotient (EQ), since it’s been shown to directly affect teamwork, confidence, and productivity. Emotions can be allies, explains Dr. Jeanne Segal, helping us form loving and meaningful relationships, while making us well-rounded and profoundly intelligent beings. If repressed, they can be our enemies, oppressing us like well-armored dictators. This is a simultaneously confrontational and supportive book–challenging our cultural assumptions about feelings while offering realistic steps and lifestyle suggestions that lead to a higher EQ.


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