2020 Thinking picture 1

2020 Thinking picture 1

In this dynamic, hopeful, and insightful book, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson shows us the natural methods we should use now to keep our brains sharp and our memories intact through our later years. Drawing on the very latest research on the brain, she demonstrates that simple changes to nutrition and mental outlook can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing age-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, memory loss, and a host of other problems related to mind and mood. 20/20 Thinking cuts through the difficult scientific jargon and provides hundreds of suggestions for prevention, preservation, and self-improvement. Topics covered include:

12 miracle pills and potions that improve mental acuity
17 brain-protective phytochemicals from foods
10 top strategies for delaying Alzheimer’s disease
10 dietary supplements to intensify your concentration
4 main dementias: what you need to know to halt memory loss.

The secrets of lifelong mental agility and acuity are within our grasp naturally, effectively, and immediately with 20/20 Thinking.


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