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Title: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Intimacy
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Description: The comprehensive guide to getting close—and closer …

Renowned psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman gives readers a step-by-step, clear path to improving their relationships by helping them identify intimacy problems, understand key differences between men and women, change perceptions, overcome arguments, and effectively communicate. He also covers sexual intimacy and affection issues, including intimacy during stressful times, transitions, and as relationships progress. This book is a beacon for those looking to solve their struggles with intimacy.
-Tools and exercises for both physical and emotional intimacy
-Self-assessment tests and exercises to help pinpoint issues
-For couples, singles, and families, men and women
-Coleman is an expert with an active practice and specialty in intimacy issues who’s made appearances on Oprah, Today, and Geraldo

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intimacy
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Rating : 4.6
Rating: 12
Review: Great advice
I agree with the previous reader, there is a lot of helpful information in this book. It’s a very easy to read (and follow) book. Among the topics written about in the book are:

What intimacy means to women compared to men;

Roadblocks to intimacy;

When it looks like intimacy, but it isn’t;

Why people choose the wrong person to be intimate with;

How one person can spark intimacy for both of you;

How our “thinking style” affects intimacy;

How to think intimate thoughts during an argument;

Intimate self-disclosure the easy way;

easy talks for cozy intimacy;

Sex and intimacy;

“Hot” intimacy;

Overcoming obstacles to sexual intimacy;

How stress affects intimacy;

Intimacy after the affair;

And much, much more.

Even if you think there are no problems in your relationship, this book is worth a look, you never know it…

Category: Love & Romance

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