100 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power (Mind Power Series) photo 1

100 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power (Mind Power Series) photo 1
Develop the mind power to easily solve personal problems and business problems, or to invent new things and be more creative.

100 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power is divided into four parts. In Part One, “Instant Mind Power Helpers,” you’ll learn how to quickly rev up your brain. Techniques include proper breathing to immediately help your mind work better, and a simple mental exercise that can clear your mind in just minutes and give you the power to concentrate.

Part Two, “Mind Power Through Brain Training,” teaches you ways to change your brain and mind long-term. It covers techniques for creating new habits. It also shows why you may no0t want to take advice from successful people, and what to do instead of this.

In Part Three, “Foods, Drinks And Supplements,” you’ll learn what to eat to nourish your brain. One entry looks at why sugar can be so bad for your mental functioning. Another has is a list of more than twenty brain foods you might want to make a regular part of your diet. You may have heard that red wine can be good for your mind, and here you’ll discover just how much to drink to get the good without the bad effects.

Part Four, “Other Mind Power Boosters,” is just that – everything that didn’t fit into one of the other sections. One item here covers the 200 hours per year of “dead time” that the average person has, and how to profitably use it to improve the mind.

Also covered in the book:

How to stop the mind-draining effects of worry.

Which nuts that are best for increasing your brainpower.

How to use brainwave entrainment technologies.

Using periodic reviews for better memorization of new material.

Essential oils that wake up your brain when sniffed.

How more effective brainstorming may come from taking off your shoes.

Why avoiding arguments may lead to better thinking ability.

How stimulating your curiosity may lead to longer life.

And much more! Thought the title has not changed, due to revisions, there are closer to 150 ways to increase your mind power.


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